Options. Not Obstacles.

Because We Believe in Women.

At Cadence OTC, We’re Knocking Down the Obstacles Between Women and the Reproductive Health Options They Want. Starting with the Pill.

We’re working to make safe, affordable oral contraceptive options like Zena available for all women. Without a prescription.

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A Bold Vision for the Pill

We have a bold vision to bring the first combination birth control pill to anyone who wants it. It’s called Zena. Zena is on-path to be the first combination pill available to women throughout the US (and beyond) over-the-counter.

Zena's formula has been proven safe and effective when used as prescribed, but the Food and Drug Administration requires extensive testing of OTC labeling before considering approval for sale over-the-counter. Our experts are working diligently with the FDA towards OTC approval for Zena.

Meet Zena
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