Tim Koogle

Part engineer, part entrepreneur and businessman, and part philanthropist, Tim’s sweet spot is bringing good ideas to scale. Having spent over 30 years starting, growing, and running significant businesses, Tim is perhaps best known as the founding CEO and President of Yahoo! As Employee #6, he led the company’s growth from $0 to well over $1 billion in revenue, profitability, in six short years. Tim is also a founding investor and served as Chairman of Method Home consumer products and OLLY nutrition. In 2013, Harvard Business Review named Tim one of the 100 Best-Performing CEOs of all time and #1 for his ability to consistently deliver results over the long haul. Today, as Managing Partner of Koogle Ventures and Co-Managing Partner of Koogle Foundation, Tim is focused on mission-driven consumer product startups and divides his time between building young businesses and investing in and advising social sector organizations.